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My notes

At our recent meeting in London as the PHF cohort leads, we were able to share where we are currently at in our projects and address issues that we have encountered along the journey so far.

Pausing to reflect in where we put ourselves in response to the impact of learning for the artist, teacher or child was essential so as to identify next steps.

We were challenged to consider how we prioritize or address concerns, where we need to step back and observe, reflect, and decide what we will do as individuals as a response to this.

From my notebook

Key points:

  • What does effective learning look like?
  • Creating the conditions for effective CPDL
  • When is the appropriate time for challenge?
  • Is success different for artists, teachers, children?
  • What does ignorance look like?
  • Learning must lead to action
  • The importance of noticing the subtle and small changes.
  • How do we produce sustainability?
  • Drill deeper – see the change and what enables it to happen.

Are you wise or smart? Nine differences between the two.


  1. Curiosity
  2. Discovery
  3. Responsiveness
  4. Anticipation
  5. Persistence
  6. Initiation
  7. Investigation

“Know the difference between  cleverness and wisdom.” Revans


The day, as always, was filled with creative activities which stimulated and focused our thinking – challenging our motivations, realigning our thinking.


As teachers and artists together, our common aim is to nurture creativity; providing opportunities to help every pupil fly higher. In doing so, we challenge ourselves to take risks, be adventurous, become better listeners and acute observers of the potential that is in each situation.